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ADT Security Lexington MA

Local resource for ADT security in Lexington. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to security systems, motion detectors, security cameras, locks, security keypads, car alarms and fire alarms, as well as advice and content on home security.

Custom Protective Svc
(781) 622-1620
1560 Trapelo Rd
Waltham, MA
Maverick Integration
(781) 890-1177
150 Bear Hill Rd
Waltham, MA
Command Security Corp
(781) 376-9699
21 Cummings Park
Woburn, MA
Firesafe Corp
(978) 365-9100
12 Grove St # B
Woburn, MA
Allied Security
(781) 272-1423
7 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA
Keane Fire & Safety
(781) 899-6565
1500 Main St
Waltham, MA
Washington Security Systems
(703) 532-5832
1622 North McKinley Road Apt 2
Arlington, MA
(781) 994-5300
78 Olympia Ave
Woburn, MA
Eyes There
(781) 995-0711
100 Tower Office Park # P
Woburn, MA
Jmt Associates Investigative
(781) 935-2332
400 W Cummings Park
Woburn, MA

Digital Security

Digital security systems use digital electronics to create security zones that can only be deactivated by transmitting a numeric code. This means a computer is used to relay and read these digital codes. Digital systems are controlled by a digital keypad for manual key punching by the home's occupants, or they may be operated via a remote control device that can activate or deactivate a security system automatically. In each case a unique sequence of digital signals is sent to a system controller or device.

Digital keypads are often employed in common security systems such as those provided by ADT Security , Brinks security and other security systems. They are a great addition to a perimeter security system. The keypad has a series of buttons with numbers on them. The user can set the alarm and deactivate it by pushing a series of buttons.

Once inside the external doorway, the person entering the home has about 30 seconds to key in the correct combination of numbers before an alarm sounds. This time period can be set by the security system installation or service person to any length of time desired by the homeowner. The keypad controller is usually setup to automatically deactivate the rest of the alarms in the home. These systems come with a panic button to alert police or a security monitoring agency in case of fire or a home invasion.

There is a strong relationship between digital and wireless systems. The two technologies are combined to provide greater secur...

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