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Boat Alarms Bixby OK

Local resource for Boat Alarms in Bixby. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Boat Alarms, alarm systems, yacht security systems, as well as advice and content on security systems companies that provide protection for you sea craft in your area.

Assurance Alarms & Integrated Systems
(918) 369-4500
8303 East 111th Street South
Bixby, OK
Firepro Fire Protection
(918) 857-1513
PO Box 141112
Broken Arrow, OK
Admiral Safe Co
(918) 599-8860
3081 W Albany St # 121
Broken Arrow, OK
Centurion Protective Svc
(918) 251-2222
10302 S Garnett Rd
Broken Arrow, OK
(918) 357-8888
322 N Main St
Broken Arrow, OK
Gold Star Security & Invstgtn
(918) 270-4653
1911 N Yellowood Ave
Broken Arrow, OK
C & W Security
(918) 624-2603
2127 N Beech Ave
Broken Arrow, OK
Alarm Oklahoma
(918) 270-4653
1911 N Yellowood Ave
Broken Arrow, OK
Metro Security USA
(918) 249-5060
2608 W Kenosha St
Broken Arrow, OK
Direct Communications
(918) 291-0092
13701 Highway 75
Glenpool, OK

Boat Alarms

Thieves will steal anything including your boat, canoes and accessories which you may not even think of ever being stolen. The protection of your boat at home or the cottage is just one more smart part of home security systems .

Over 11,000 boats are stolen annually in North America so you can see boat security is no trivial matter. Once gone, a boat is very difficult to trace and recover. Some boat owners have even had their docks stolen! The best protection is using locks and motion sensors that detect human intrusion.

Boat owners face a special problem that makes boats more vulnerable than homes. Boats are portable, and the thief can get take your boat and onboard security system away with him by towing your boat. There are many alarm systems that help prevent this.

As in the case of car alarms, boat alarms can utilize an ignition kill-switch can be installed that will stop the boat's motor is it is being driven away without your consent.

A motion sensor attached to the underside of the boat's deck detects pressure on a shift in the boat caused by the weight of an intruder. It will detect motion even if the deck is made of steel. For smaller boats, the canvas alarms turns your boat canvas into a security blanket. If the intruder pops a canvas snap that holds the canvas down, you get a loud alarm .

GPS security systems offer a geographical tracking system so you'll always know where your boat is.

You can secure a boat launch or dock by activating a pressure se...

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