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Car Alarms Mankato MN

Local resource for car alarms in Mankato. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to car locks, wheel locks, anti-theft devices, security systems, car alarm installation and car accessories, as well as advice and content on car security.

(507) 388-3619
1821 E Madison Ave
Mankato, MN
Advance Auto Parts
(507) 344-8633
1570 E Madison Ave
Mankato, MN

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(612) 822-4167
2940 Clinton Ave
Minneapolis, MN
(320) 202-1192
2815 W Division St
St Cloud, MN
(763) 754-5040
2151 Coon Rapids Blvd
Coon Rapids, MN
Wenzel Auto Electric Company
(507) 625-1001
1325 3rd Ave
Mankato, MN

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(651) 644-6490
1515 Rice St
St Paul, MN
(952) 884-4400
9412 Lyndale Ave
Bloomington, MN
(763) 595-9000
3601 Winnetka Ave
New Hope, MN
(651) 453-0400
1520 Robert St So
W St Paul, MN
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Car Alarms

Somewhere in the United States a car is stolen every 23 seconds. Car theft is a brazen and sometimes life-threatening crime ( car-jacking ). Car thieves have broken into cars to steal stereo equipment, personal effects and/or the vehicle itself. And as sophisticated as car anti-theft products get, unfortunately, thieves are always working on new ways to get around security systems .

However, take heart, there are several potent options to impede a would-be car thief:

  • Using steering wheel locks that prevent steering wheels from moving can be an effective annoyance that will have a timid car thief moving to another target.
  • Wheel-to-pedal locking devices cost about $25-50 and are an extension of the steering wheel lock security devices preventing the use of pedals.
    • For approximately $15 you can purchase alarm systems that fit into a cassette deck. These alarms blare an incredibly loud alarm sound and require a key to deactivate.
    • Some car alarms have engine or gas flow interruption features sometimes called a "kill switch." If situated in an unlikely spot a kill switch can be one of the most effective ways to protect your vehicle. They cost about $75.
    • High-level monitoring of your vehicle by satellite is possible using geographical positioning (GPS) technology. This option is not cheap, but it can best keep track of your vehicle from joyriding thieves!

      And remember, like a good home security system, an effective anti-theft car alarm can help lower your insuran...

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