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Locksmith The Dalles OR

Local resource for locksmiths in The Dalles, OR. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to locksmith, locksmith services, locksmith training course, as well as information on emergency locksmiths, and content on locks.

Ernie's Lock & Keys
(541) 296-4977
617 E. 12Th St
The Dalles, OR
Safes & Vaults (Wholesale) | Ernies Locks & Keys
(541) 296-4695
605 E 2nd St
The Dalles, OR
Locks & Locksmiths, Safes & Vaults (Wholesale)

Kelly Ave Key Korner
(541) 298-5464
1214 Kelly Ave
The Dalles, OR
Rivers Edge Towing
(541) 296-6000
The Dalles, OR
Ernie's Lock & Key
(541) 296-4695
605 E 2ND St
The Dalles, OR
Business, Home, Automotive, Safes, Emergency Services
Weekdays: 9:00AM-5:30PM
Saturday: 9:00AM-4:00PM
Sunday: Closed
Store Type
Storefront and Mobile

No Limit Towing
(541) 296-3278
621 E 2nd St
The Dalles, OR
Locks & Locksmiths

Ernies Locks & Keys
(541) 296-4695
605 E 2nd St
The Dalles, OR
AAA Approved Auto Towing
(541) 296-8558
2420 W 2nd St
The Dalles, OR
Milts Towing
(541) 296-5884
206 1/2 W 3rd St
The Dalles, OR
Security Systems Technology
(541) 386-5270
1311 13th St
Hood River, OR
Locks & Locksmiths

Door Locks


When you consider how effective door locks are in discouraging burglars or stopping them before they get started, it's surprising how cheap and insecure many home's door locks are. People often resist secure door locks because it makes them feel like they have an armed fortress. Somehow, it takes away the feeling of community and relaxation.

Even with home security systems, alarms included, there is an opportunity for a team of thieves to make a hit and run robbery. They might have only a couple of minutes to get what they want, but that may be enough before the police respond. Secure door locks make their quick entry almost impossible.

Good door locks, similar to an alarm system , can be implemented so that they seem transparent. This transparency or easy, invisible implementation, makes it seem as though the security is light and you're not really arming a fortress.

With good door locks in place, the intruder has only one other possibility of getting through the doorway & breaking the door down or prying it right out of the doorway. There are methods of securing the door so either side cannot be forced through. Here are the types of door locks you should have in your home exterior doors:

Dead Bolt Door Locks
Key in Knob Door Locks
Chain Locks
Keyless Entry
Vertical Dead Bolt Locks

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