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Medical Emergency Monitors Baxley GA

Local resource for Medical Emergency Monitors in Baxley. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Medical Emergency Monitors, emergency alert systems, as well as advice and content on emergency monitor retailers and providers that are local in or around your area.

Southeastern System Techs
(912) 366-9525
566 Simpson Dr
Baxley, GA
Stans Medical & Respiratory Equip Inc
(912) 366-8777
438 W Parker St
Baxley, GA
Medical Suppliers

Austin Home Heatlh Care Eq Inc
(912) 375-3528
244 S Tallahassee St
Hazlehurst, GA
Medical Suppliers

Lamar Lingenfelter Inc
(912) 632-8925
905 S Pierce St
Alma, GA
Medical Suppliers

Securitas Security Svc USA Inc
(706) 323-9769
233 12th St # 210
Columbus, GA
Real Security Inc
(912) 379-9993
80 S Tallahassee St
Hazlehurst, GA
Certified Respiratory Services Inc
(912) 366-9226
88 Heritage St
Baxley, GA
Medical Suppliers

Franks Pharmacy Inc
15 E Jefferson St
Hazlehurst, GA
Medical Suppliers

Security Control Systems Inc
(972) 392-1100
4407 North Beltwood Parkway
Dallas, GA
Security Fire Equipment Co Inc
(229) 242-1816
1405 Melody Ln
Valdosta, GA

Medical Emergency Monitoring

Emergency monitoring systems, also called personal emergency response systems (PERS), refer to any electronic devices that connect you with emergency response at the touch of a button. Emergency monitoring systems can give elderly or disabled people the freedom to live independently and safely.

Emergency monitoring systems have three basic components:

  • A wireless personal medical alarm & worn by the subscriber. The most popular personal alarm styles are bracelet and pedant-style alarms.
  • An emergency console & receives the signal that the medical alarm has been activated then sends a signal to the emergency response center.
  • Emergency response center & where a live emergency response operator is available 24-hours a day. The operator will establish two-way voice contact with the subscriber and dispatch the proper assistance.

Emergency monitoring systems are available to rent, lease or buy, depending on the company you choose to subscribe with. The cost of an emergency monitoring system is rarely covered by Medicare/Medicaid, so the subscriber or the subscriber's family usually has to pay for the entire system.

The conditional costs of emergency monitoring vary from company to company but many require you to pay for the equipment (either a monthly rental/lease fee or a purchase price), plus the installation and a monthly monitoring fee (between $15 and $50). An entire emergency monitoring system starts at about $200 and can cost more than to $1,500.


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