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Medical Emergency Monitors Washington DC

Local resource for Medical Emergency Monitors in Washington. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Medical Emergency Monitors, emergency alert systems, as well as advice and content on emergency monitor retailers and providers that are local in or around your area.

Landscape Products Pl-Firewood
(202) 554-4100
77 I St SE
Washington, DC
Ses Resources
(202) 243-0566
5335 Wisconsin Ave NW # 950
Washington, DC
Ics Protective Svc
(202) 543-6080
425 8th St SE
Washington, DC
Ipc Intl Corp
(202) 289-9884
40 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC
Light House Security
(202) 398-2112
3760 Minnesota Ave NE # 1
Washington, DC
Wackenhut Services Inc
(202) 518-2210
3450 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC
Guardsmark Inc
(202) 887-5355
1730 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC
Sentry Security Intl Inc
(202) 291-8030
7705 Georgia Ave NW # 212
Washington, DC
M Street Partner Holdings Llc
(202) 467-6768
2300 M St NW
Washington, DC
Atlas International Security
(202) 296-1011
1629 K St NW # 300
Washington, DC

Medical Emergency Monitoring

Emergency monitoring systems, also called personal emergency response systems (PERS), refer to any electronic devices that connect you with emergency response at the touch of a button. Emergency monitoring systems can give elderly or disabled people the freedom to live independently and safely.

Emergency monitoring systems have three basic components:

  • A wireless personal medical alarm & worn by the subscriber. The most popular personal alarm styles are bracelet and pedant-style alarms.
  • An emergency console & receives the signal that the medical alarm has been activated then sends a signal to the emergency response center.
  • Emergency response center & where a live emergency response operator is available 24-hours a day. The operator will establish two-way voice contact with the subscriber and dispatch the proper assistance.

Emergency monitoring systems are available to rent, lease or buy, depending on the company you choose to subscribe with. The cost of an emergency monitoring system is rarely covered by Medicare/Medicaid, so the subscriber or the subscriber's family usually has to pay for the entire system.

The conditional costs of emergency monitoring vary from company to company but many require you to pay for the equipment (either a monthly rental/lease fee or a purchase price), plus the installation and a monthly monitoring fee (between $15 and $50). An entire emergency monitoring system starts at about $200 and can cost more than to $1,500.


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DC National Association for Home Care & Hospice

228 Seventh Street

Washington DC , 20003

Phone: 202-547-7424

Fax: 202-547 3540

DC Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA)

1850 M Street NW Suite 700

Washington DC , 20036

Phone: 202-721-4100

Fax: 202-296-8120

DC American Electronics Association

601 Pennsylvania Avenue North Building, Suite 600

Washington DC , 20004

Phone: 202-682-9110

Fax: 202-682-9111

DC Hearing Industries Association

1444 I Street N.W. - Suite 700

Washington DC , 20005

Phone: 202-449-1090

Fax: 202-216-9646

DC Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

950 F Street

Washington DC , 20004

Phone: 202-835-3400

Fax: 202-835-3414

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