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Personal Security Devices Chickasha OK

Local resource for Personal Security Devices in Chickasha. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Personal Security Devices, handguns, mace, pepper spray, taser guns, self-defense knives, as well as advice and content on local companies, stores and retailers that provide self-defense and personal security weaponry and devices in your area.

Hulme, Michael D
12 Village Dr
Chickasha, OK
Alamo Hunting Supply
1105 W Choctaw Ave
Chickasha, OK
B & P Shooting Sports Llc
(405) 222-4799
527 South 3Rd St
Chickasha, OK
Fry, Stacy B
601 N Cimarron
Tuttle, OK
R & G Hunting Optics
812 Bob White Road
Tuttle, OK
Jim'S Gun Shop
3813 Hickory Stick Dr
Chickasha, OK
Bestyet Pawn & Jewelry Inc
809 Choctaw Ave
Chickasha, OK
Collins, Michael
7200 Pine Cove
Blanchard, OK
Powder Keg, The
1406 N Sara Rd
Tuttle, OK
Per Silver Bullet
6105 S High
Oklahoma City, OK

Portable Alarms

Portable alarms, or transportable security, are wearable personal alarm systems that can come to your aid in a variety of dangerous situations. They include:

Wearable Alarms - these medical-alert type alarms can be worn on a necklace or around the wrist. They can be a lifesaver for the elderly or physically disabled if they fall down or become stranded for hours or even days after a fall. Medical portable alarms cost between $50 and $100 for installation and about $30 per month for monitoring. Subscribers can list numerous emergency contacts like doctors, neighbors, police and family. The wearer activates the portable alarm by pressing a button and is connected to an emergency response operator who contacts the appropriate person.

Personal Alarms ($10 -$30) & are hand-held alarms that attract attention by omitting a piercing shriek that will hopefully scare an attacker off.

Chemical Protection ($10-$15) & such as mace, pepper spray or tear gas is sprayed into an attacker's eyes from a hand-held spray can to cause temporary burning of the eyes long enough for the victim to get away. Mace and tear gas cause no permanent damage but may be illegal or require a permit in certain states.

Stun Guns ($30 -$100) & deliver a high-voltage shock that will halt an attacker temporarily (for about 5 minutes). To use a stun gun the top of the stun gun must come into contact with the attacker's body. Quality stun guns send currents through very thick clothing but injury is only ...

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