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Photoelectric Security Sensors Chickasha OK

Local resource for Photoelectric Security Sensors in Chickasha. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Photoelectric Security Sensors, industrial photoelectric sensors, photoeye, infrared, as well as advice and content on where you can find retailers and companies, locally, that provides these products in your area.

Chief Fire & Safety Co
(405) 224-2596
927 S 4th St
Chickasha, OK
Brown's Security Systems Inc
(405) 691-0000
5416 E Highway 37
Tuttle, OK
Advantage Home Security
(405) 680-9500
701 S Mustang Rd
Yukon, OK
Able Security
(405) 558-1543
5350 S Western Ave # 104
Oklahoma City, OK
Junior's Lock & Alarm Inc
(580) 762-4553
100 E Grand Ave
Ponca City, OK
A-Alert Alarm Inc
(405) 224-5811
1901 South 13th Street
Chickasha, OK
Grand Lake Security Ctr
(918) 782-9020
205 Powder Horn Lake
Langley, OK
Western Investigations Co
(405) 372-5554
4423 N Greenvale Cir
Stillwater, OK
Dowley Inc
(405) 525-1656
40 NE 46th St
Oklahoma City, OK
A-Plus Security Llc
(405) 250-1939
3500 Richhaven Dr
Oklahoma City, OK

Photoelectric Sensors


Photoelectric detection systems use a light-sensitive cell and a directed light source which points directly at the cell. Photoelectric security systems can be classified as motion detection systems since an object or person must move across the photoelectric connection to break the light transmission to the sensor.

The source transmits invisible light beams to the adjacent cell or sensor. Often an infrared filter covers the light source to make it non-visible to intruders. If an intruder crosses the light beam, it breaks the beam's continuous contact with the photoelectric cell and trips the alarm. Mirrors can be installed with photoelectric security systems in order to allow one light beam to be projected across a large area, thus allowing a criss-crossing of the light beam across a room. This makes it much more difficult for an intruder to crawl under, or step over the light beam.

Photoelectric may seem an old technology, however it is still in use in many home security systems.

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