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Smoke Alarms Hot Springs National Park AR

Local resource for Smoke Alarms in Hot Springs National Park. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Smoke Alarms, First Alert, carbon monoxide detectors, as well as advice and content on local retailers and stores that supply smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors in and around you location.

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A American Home Security System
(501) 321-4044
1555 Malvern Ave
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Sabra Technology
(501) 627-0500
304 Albert Pike Rd
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Big Red Alarm Co
(501) 321-0077
3137 Albert Pike Rd
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Harp Security Consultants Inc
(501) 624-4277
101 Doris Ct
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Home Security Systems
(501) 321-4044
1555 Malvern Ave
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Kerr Security Inc
(501) 321-1217
1 Kerr Blvd
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Stephens Systems
(501) 624-5964
100 Woodlore Point
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Hughco Alarms
(501) 525-2767
306 Albert Pike Rd
Hot Springs National Park, AR
Mid Ark Security Inc
(501) 525-6621
706 Albright Rd
Hot Springs National Park, AR

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms or smoke detectors have saved thousands of lives. Thanks to most local fire departments most homes and businesses now require smoke alarms. Smoke detectors are your first line of defense against fire and can cut the risk of dying in a home fire in half.

Even though smoke alarms ( home fire alarms ) can be a nuisance when you burn toast, inexpensive household smoke detectors can mean that every member of your family gets out of a burning house alive. Since more than half of all fatal home fires happen at nighttime, a fire alarm might be the only warning sound that is able to wake you and give your family enough time to escape.

National Fire Prevention Week teaches the general public about the importance of smoke alarms, how to react in a fire and how to maintain smoke detectors.

A smoke detector is basically an electrical circuit that gets interrupted by particles. A fire sends miniscule particles into the air, when these tiny particles reach the smoke detector they interfere with the electric circuit and alert a microchip. A smoke alarm's microchip is programmed to send a signal and set off the alarm .

  • Install smoke alarms near bedrooms - high on a wall or ceiling.
  • Don't install smoke alarms near air vents.
  • Test smoke alarms once a month to ensure they work.
  • Test smoke alarm batteries regularly and change them every 6-12 months.
  • Replace detectors that are more than 10 years old.
  • For the best fire protection install both an ionization smoke d...

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